So why Locust, why me, and why now?


Well… Locust is a film that I never would have imagined wanting to make as a first feature.  My fear being that if the subject matter comes across as volatile in a day and age of optics and ‘woke culture’, it may look as if I am, God forbid, pushing some kind of an agenda. But if I’m being honest, it is those same concerns that really formulate the convictions in WHY this is the story I am compelled to tell.  


You see, I am driven by those connections in cinema where characters experience growth when they meet their counterpoint in someone they’d never expect.  As such, I wilfully choose to place myself at the center of any bullseye that may be triggered from a narrative dedicated to a Cisgender Ex-Con who’s inciting incident is accepting a job driving a Transgender Female Escort from client to client. On a surface level, I’m sure the staunchest mouthpieces of the LGBTQIA community to which I belong may view Locust as not-progressive-enough, while more mainstream audiences find themselves confronted on a level they did not expect. 


But what I’m simply focusing on is this fallible side of the human condition that, I believe, defines us all.  The vast majority of us don’t wear capes, so in order to know where we’re headed in this collective search for understanding, compassion and validation is to know where we’ve been and to accept where we are., especially in times like these. This is in no way, shape or form a commentary on victimhood. Esra and Sam reflect the spaces we all share in our own individuality, no matter how different things may look on paper.  This is why their story connects. They are still waters running deep.


And this is why I, Noel Vinson, am the one to trust in telling this story. On a global scale, the output I produce is meant to bridge a gap between the contemporary state of Australian cinema and those internationally iconic classics that push envelopes instead of agendas. It’s with this mindset that I plan to further disrupt any common notion of what international markets have come to expect from Australian films over the past few decades, and whether I tell American stories on Australian soil or vice-versa, it is my intention to catalyse an entire slate of projects that are more viable and saleable in the sense of global returns. What’s more, I can do this as a citizen of both Australia and America.


In closing, I’d just like you to look at Locust’s development. The script has been scrutinised by many eyes in the Film Industry and LGBTQIA community respectively, and many agree that the heart of this story is one that needs to beat.  On top of this, the entire film will be pre-visualised by myself and the DP before any camera starts rolling. This is why my main aim at this juncture is to surround myself with those who have proven track records.  Those who believe in this vision and want to see it come to life for themselves.  Thus, I am reaching out to you. It is my sincere hope that you grow to believe in Sam and Esra as much as I do.

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Noel Vinson (2022)

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